Archaeology Sites Table Definitions
The Archaeological Sites catalog of the IMNH database consists of two related tables. The central table of the relation is the Sites table, which contains the information about the Site its self.

The other major table included in the relation is the linking table Location, which is used to link the Sites table to the ArchaeologyReports table, as well as store information about the site's location.

Table: Sites
Table: Location
Name Type Size
SiteNumber Text 12
TempNumber Text 12
OwnedBy Text 20
Objects? Text 1
TotalNumberOfArtifacts Integer 2
SiteType Text 25
Project Text 100
RecordedBy Text 25
SurveyDate Date/Time 8
EntryBy Text 35
EntryDate Date/Time 8
Survey? Text 1
Excavated? Text 1
Tested? Text 1
Memo Memo -
Name Type Size
Location Long Integer 4
ReportNumber Text 10
SiteNumber Text 12
County Text 10