Seiurus noveboracensis
(Northern Waterthrush)

Order: Passeriformes
Order Description: Passerines
Family: Parulidae
Family Description: Wood Warblers

Physical Description:
5 1/2-6 1/2" (14-17 cm). Brownish olive above; buffClick word for definition eyestripe; whitish below with dark streaking; moderately long bill.

Similar Species- Ovenbird

Begins with 3-4 long, rising notes and ends with 3-4 rolling, descending notes.

Breeds from portions of Alaska and Canada, south to Washington, Idaho, North Dakota, Great Lakes, West Virginia, and Massachusetts. Winters in southern Florida, in portions of Mexico, throughout Central America, and in portions of South America.

Found in thickets near water, swamps, and bogs. In migrationClick word for definition, found in forests, woodland, scrub, brushy areas, yards, and gardens. In winter, generally found alongside water, often along slow-moving streams in mangroves.

Eats various small invertebrates.

Builds nest in ground under bank near water. Forages on muddy ground, among soggy, fallen leaves, or in extremely shallow water.

Lays eggs from late May to June. Female incubatesClick word for definition 3-6 eggs (usually 4-5). Breeding biology is poorly known.

Element Code: ABPBX10020
Status: Protected nongame species
Global Rank: G5
State Rank: S3,NTMB
National Rank: N5B,NZN

Important State References:
No references are available at this time.

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