Suborder: Anisoptera

Family: Gomphidae
White-belted Ringtail
Plains Clubtail
Pronghorn Clubtail
Pale Snaketail
Gray Sanddragon
Olive Clubtail

Gomphidae: The Clubtails

Family Facts:

Genus: Erpetogomphus
These dragonflies are medium-sized with clear wings and relatively short legs. They have rings of white on each segment of the abdomen, which gives them the common name Ringtails. Only males have clubbed abdomens.

Erpetogomphus compositus- White-belted Ringtail

These are medium sized dragonflies with clear wings. They tend to range further north than most other members of this family. In most species the thorax is yellow-green stripes with brown. The abdomen is dark brown to black, and is striped lengthwise with yellow on the upper surface and on each side.

Gomphus externus- Plains Clubtail
Gomphus graslinellus- Pronghorn Clubtail

These are medium-sized dragonflies with a solid green thorax. They are typically found in cold, trout streams rather than the warmer waters favored by most other members of this family.

Ophiogomphus severus- Pale Snaketail

Genus: Progomphus
The Sanddragons are large members of this family. The abdomen is usually brown or black marked with yellow. The naiads live in the sandy bottoms of streams and lakes and are good burrowers.

Progomphus borealis- Gray Sanddragon

Genus: Stylurus
These are relatively large Clubtails with clear wings. Both the males and the females have the last segments of the abdomen widened into a "club"; the males to a greater degree than the females. The thorax is green to light olive with black markings.

Stylurus olivaceous- Olive Clubtail

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