Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus
(Green Rubber Rabbit-brush )
[(Hook.) Hall]

Subclass: Asteridae
Order: Asterales
Family: Asteraceae
Family Description: Aster (Sunflower)

Key Characteristics:
One meter high or less shrub with glabrous, brittle twigs; no ray flowers; flowers in the fall
  • disc corollas only, 4.5-7 mm long
  • in heads in compact terminal cymose clusters
  • involucres 5-8 mm high; composed of about 15 bracts
  • flowers in the fall
  • achenes terminated by the pappus which aids in wind distribution

General Description:
This fall-blooming, up to 4 foot tall shrub is also found in undisturbed sage brush sites. It differs from Gray Rabbit-brush by having flat, twisted leaves. Its flowers are in small, yellow heads which are followed by feathery-appearing heads caused by the capillary pappus.

Southern British Columbia to California east of the Cascades to North Dakota and south to New Mexico.

Dry, open places in valleys, plains, and foothills up to moderate elevations in the mountains.

Usually found in less disturbed areas than Gray Rabbit-brush with sagebrush, increases with grazing.
A yellow dye can be made from the flowers and leaves.

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Photos and Information written by Dr. Karl E. Holte,© 2002