Atriplex confertifolia
[Wats.(Torr. & Frem.)]

Subclass: Caryophyllidae
Order: Caryophyllales
Family: Chenopodiaceae
Family Description: Goosefoot

Key Characteristics:
Also known as Saltbush.
  • numerous, entire, alternate, elliptic to sub-orbicular, 1-2 cm long, ½ to 1 cm wide, narrowed to short petioles
  • dioecious plants
  • Staminate flowers with 5 deeply parted perianth, in glomerules of short leafy spikes
  • pistillate flowers 1-several in axils
  • an achene surrounded by 2 oval to semi-orbicular, entire, 5-10 mm long bracts fused less than ½ their length

General Description:
An erect, rounded, woody, dioecious shrub which forms sharp spines by the leaves. It is orbicular-ovate to obovate, entire, permanently grayish or white, scurfy leaves 1-2 cm long with short petioles. The fruiting bracts are orbicular to broadly elliptic. It grows in dry, saline soil.

Oregon to California, east to south central Idaho and southern Montana, Colorado and northern Mexico.

Dry areas with saline soil.

A rather important browsing plant in desert areas.

Important State References:
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Photos and Information written by Dr. Karl E. Holte,© 2002