Family: Anacardiaceae

Genus: Rhus

Family: Anacardiaceae (Sumac)
    Shrubs (those in Idaho); monoecious, or some flowers perfect and some unisexual on same plant. Leaves alternate. Pinnately compound or trifoliate (Lemonade Sumac has trifoliate leaves). Flowers in panicles or thyrsoid inflorescences; small, regular. Calyx 5 rarely 3-7; petals same as calyx or lacking; stamens same # as sepals or 2 times as many. Borne on outer edge of glandular disc; pistil 3 carpillary, 3 styled. Ovary one-locule and one seeded; fruit drupe or drupe-like.

Genus: Rhus
    Shrubs have leaves with 3-numerous leaflets. Plants are mostly with perfect and unisexual flowers with fertile stamens 5, tend to be highly colored in fall, usually red.

Information by Dr.Karl E. Holte, ©2001.