Wind Sensor

wind sensorThe Wind Sensor measures current wind speed and direction and computes 5-second average of these measurements. Wind speed is measured by a rotating three-cup device that drives a photointerrupter device. Wind direction is measured with a  direction vane assembly coupled to a precision potentiometer. Wind measurement data is sent to the Data Collection Package (DCP).

The Wind Sensor consists of four major components: Wind Speed Sensor, Wind Direction Sensor, Crossarm Support, and Wind Sensor Electronics Enclosure. The Wind Speed Sensor is made up of a wind speed transducer and a cup assembly. Similarly, the Wind Direction Sensor comprises a wind direction transducer and a vane assembly. The Wind Speed Sensor, Wind Direction Sensor, and Crossarm Support are all mounted on a tipping tower to allow them to operate free from ground obstructions while still being easy to maintain.

The Wind Sensor Electronics Enclosure provides electrical power to the wind sensor and a communications data link between the sensor and the DCP. The wind sensor electronics enclosure is mounted on the sensor tower support.