Fort Hall

Originally established by an American Settler, Nathaniel Jarvis Wyeth, in 1834, Fort Hall became an emigrant landmark. Wyeth sold the post to the Hudson's Bay Company two years later.

It was a key point in the overland route where the Oregon Trail splits to California and Oregon. In 1849 Fort Hall became a hub for trails and roads to the western parts of the United States.

Over 20,000 emigrants who joined the gold rush came through southeastern Idaho on the California Trail. Heavy traffic continued on the trail for many years.

In 1870, the US Army put up fortifications about 25 miles northeast of the old trading post to protect stage and freight routes. Fort Hall served as the center for Indian interactions for the Fort Hall Indian Reservation.

In 1883, the barracks were moved to Ross Fork Creek, about 25 miles north west.This site is on US 91, approximately 12 miles north of Pocatello.

Today, a full-scale replica of the original Fort is open to the public in Pocatello.