Camas Meadows Battle Sites

Camas Meadows Battle Sites in southeastern Idaho consist of General Oliver Otis Howard's Camp Calloway and about 3 miles away, Captain Randolph B. Norwood's encounter site. These two skirmish sites, which are associated with the 1877 Nez Perce War, represent yet another unsuccessful attempt by General Howard to capture the fleeing Nez Perce.

At a rest stop on I-15 at Dubois, Idaho, an interpretive sign, "Nez Perce War," briefly summarizes the events of the 1877 war in this area. Access is over 25 miles of seasonal unpaved road. Both sites are difficult to find.

"The soldier camp was alarmed. The bugle sounded quickly. The warriors were yelling and shooting fast. They had circled the soldiers' horses, stampeding them. The soldiers were now also firing in every direction. Some young men had gone in to cut loose the horses tied, and I, Yellow Wolf, was one of them...Mounting, I followed silently as I could with my three captured horses...After traveling a little way, driving our captured horses, sun broke. We could begin to see our prize. Getting more light, we looked. Eeh! Nothing but mules -- all mules! ... The place we took General Howard's mules is called Kamisnim Takin [Camas Meadows]." Yellow Wolf,August 20, 1977

"The whole command is weary and tired of marching. This game of hide and seek is getting mighty monotonous... My men are in excellent health. They do their duty without much grousing. The lack of women and whiskey are of more concern than the Indians." Capt. Robert Pollock, August 25, 1877