Big Hole National Battlefield

Big Hole National Battlefield is 10 miles west of Wisdom, Montana, on Montana Highway 43. The Nez Perce were camped in this area in 1877 when they were attacked by Col. John Gibbon's troops. This 655-acre site is managed by the National Park Service. Two self-guiding trails lead from the lower parking area to the location of the Nez Perce camp and the siege area where U.S. soldiers were pinned down during the second half of the battle.

The Big Hole Battlefield Visitor Center interprets the Big Hole Battle and the War of 1877. Wayside exhibits, trail guide booklets, and battlefield markers supply details of the battle on the battlefield.

The National Battlefield, which is surrounded by ranching operations and the Beaverhead National Forest, retains much of the character of 1877 when Col. John Gibbon's forces attacked the Nez Perce at their camp next to the Big Hole River.