Bear Lake - Caribou
Scenic Byway

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Begins at the Utah state line and follows U.S. 89 north to U.S. 30, then north and east to Idaho 34 in Soda Springs. From there, north on Idaho 34 to the Wyoming state line.


111.3 miles. Allow 2.5 hours.


This section of U.S. 89 is a two-lane road. it can receive heavy snowfall in winter. This section of U.S. 30 is a two-lane road with one short, 5 to 6 percent grade at Georgetown Summit. This section of Idaho 34 is a two-lane road with some steep grades. This is a very heavy snowfall area with occasional overnight closures and most winter travel being made on a snow floor.

When to see it
Year round.

Special attractions
Bear Lake; Bear Lake State Park; Paris Museum; Minnetonka Cave; Caribou National Forest; the Oregon Trail; captive geyser in Soda Springs.

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