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Pictures - Pocatello, Idaho

(left) Bannock Hotel Employees, 1936. The Bannock was a first class hotel, in the grand style. Photo was taken in the old Elks Club Lodge Room, North Arthur, Pocatello. In the center in the front row is S.E. Brady, owner of the Bannock Hotel.

(right) View of Bannock Hotel, Spring, late 1920's, taken from the Whitman Hotel building, downtown Pocatello. Kinport peak is on the skyline in the center of the view. Note the bank of snow in the upper left part of the photo that is shaped like the number 7. It is said that, in those years when there is enough snow for the "7" to form, you can plant your garden in Pocatello without fear of frost damage when the "7" becomes visible. The growing season is less than 90 days. Summer begins only when the snowbank melts away (in mid-May or early June). In the center of the view is the U.S. Court House, built in 1916, and enlarged in 1920. It is now the home of Dudley's Sports Bar. To its left are the Telephone Building (light-colored, across the street), the Kaskia Building (behind the chimney) and the Benson Hotel (in shadow in corner). To its right is the Bannock Hotel and, in front of it, the Valentine Building.

Images from the Bannock County Historical Society Collection.