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Pictures -Pocatello, Idaho

(left) Pocatello around 1926, looking northwest from Bannock Hotel toward Howard Mountain and Trail Creek Pass. First Ward L.D.S. church is across the street with its recreation hall under construction. Next to it is a service station operated here until the mid 1930s. The building with the "1916" is the Pocatello Tribune building, north of it is the Railroad YMCA. Pocatello High School is farther north. Across the street is the Congregational Church, and in the distance is the spire of St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Behind it is the rectangular white Idaho Power Company substation. The Brentwood (Wooley) Apartments, with their complex system of bay windows, are in the middle of the view on Hayes and Lander. The Carnegie Library and mirror-image Methodist Church are in the left foreground. In the extreme left, middle distance is the flat roof of the Bogert Chevrolet building, recently finished, on West Center between Hayes and Grant, Photograph by Cook Photography, Bannock County Historical Society Collection.

(right) Same view as left, mid 1930s. A new gas station has been built at the corner of Garfield and Center. The Congregational Church addition has been built and the First Ward recreational hall is complete. The Downard Funeral Home has been built across Lander Street from the Congregational Church, but the Pocatello High School addition, completed in 1939, has not yet been started. The Trail Creek power line has been built, probably because of completion of the American Falls Dam, but there are no homes yet on the West Bench. Both photographs by Cook Photography, Bannock County Historical Society Collection