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Pictures -Pocatello, Idaho

(above) The Anhauser-Busch Clydesdale Horses and Wagon on display on South First Avenue, looking northwest, in the summer of 1934. Clothing styles are typical of the Depression Era. The fellow pushing a big stomach, wearing a hat, is obviously the Boss. The occasion probably was a 4th of July Parade.
Note the "N.R.A." blue eagle signs on both the beer wagon and the north window of the Idaho Wholesale Company. The National Recovery Act was one of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal programs for economic recovery. It was adopted in 1933 and declared unconstitutional in 1935. This type of ruling by the Supreme Court caused Roosevelt to propose a "court-packing" constitutional amendment to enlarge the Court. This was not approved by Congress. But it accomplished its purpose of liberalizing the Court. Photograph by Cook Photography, Bannock County Historical Society Collection.

(top right) FMC elemental phosphorous plant, Pocatello, (august, 1990).

(right center) Phosphate ore delivery system at FMC plant west of Pocatello. After the black shale ore is piled up, this wheel delivers it to conveyor belts at the appropriate rate needed by plant facilities, (august, 1990).

(bottom right) Bonneville School, 7th Ave. and East Clark St., just before it was torn down to build U.S. Post Office, Spring, early 1960's. Christy and Ricky Cuoio in foreground. Note ball in the Air! Photograph by Fred Cuoio.