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Pictures -Pocatello, Idaho

Southern Branch of the University of Idaho Campus, around 1928. On the extreme right is the newly finished Colonial Hall. Closer is Residence Hall, just north of Terry St. The white house-like building in between is the famed hang-out, the College Inn. On the west side of 8th Ave., from right to left are Faris Hall (replaced in 1963 by the Physical Sciences Building), the "beanery" or college dining hall, the Engineering Building (set back from the road), and behind it the new science hall (baldwin Hall, razed in 1992). At the southwest corner of 8th and Terry is the dispensary (where the Administration building now stands), and across Terry Street is the original L.D.S. Institute. The long dark roof is the Mechanical Engineering Building, the haunts of Abe Lillibridge; Across the field is the first Reed Gymnasium, and west of it is Hutchinson Field. Continuing in a clockwise manner are the Heating Plant, Turner Hall, Frazier Hall (renovated in 1993), and Swanson Hall, with its third story added and gabled roof removed. Baldwin Hall is south of Swanson, by the snow-covered field. Only the arch of Swanson Hall stands in 1993. Note that there is no development on South Fifth Avenue. Emerson School is in the far left corner. Note the smoky sky and the dark cloud emanating from the Union Pacific power plant. A northbound steam-powered train is in the middle distance, above the ISU heating plant smokestack.

Photograph by Cook Photography, Bannock County Historical Society Collection.