Emerald Empire Resource Area
Bureau of Land Management - Northern Idaho

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Congratulations, your consulting firm has been hired to do an inventory of the wildlife at the Emerald Empire Resource Area.  One of your team members was just recently hired.  Unfortunately, you did not have the time to adequately train her to recognize all the butterflies that are found in the study area.  Consequently, she encountered two butterfly species that she was not familiar with.  Since you were the one that compiled the list of butterfly species, it becomes your responsibility to determine which butterflies they are.  Use the butterfly dichotomous key to identify these butterflies, give their common and scientific names?  (because many of the species are very similar, we will help you by providing a few characteristic information about the species)



Species 1: 
This caterpillar of this species is commonly found feeding on plants in the Buckwheat family, (including Knotweed and Dock) and Rose Family (specifically the Cinquefoils).  The adults drink flower nectar.




Species 2: 
The following two photographs were taken at the same location.  One was of the caterpillars and another was of the adult found nearby.  The caterpillar of this species feeds on willow, elm, cotton woods, aspen, birch, and hackberry.  The adults feed on tree sap, fruit, and flower nectar.  They are usually the around the longest during the season as the adults live 9-10 months.


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