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Welcome to the Geologic Time Chart web site.

You will be learning about the structure, history, and geologic principles that are the basis for the Geologic Time Chart. The Geologic Time Chart is one of the most important tools you will use as a Docent at the Idaho Museum of Natural History. Consequently, understanding the geologic principles and history of the chart will definitely be a great assistance to you as you work with groups of school children in the museum's galleries.

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So what is the Geologic Time Chart?

The Geologic Time Chart is a tool devised by geologists to assist in the comprehension of the 4.5 Billion Years of Time represented in the layers of rocks and fossil remains found on Earth and provides a meaningful time frame within which the events of the geologic past are arranged.

Geologists have divided the whole of geologic history into units of varying magnitude. Altogether, these units comprise the Geologic Time Chart of Earth's History. Most of the major units of the time chart were described in the 1800's, as geologists were attempting to understand the overall structure of Earth and the placement of the fossil remains they found in the layers of rock.

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